06.12.2015 - 12:00
Tashi Iwaoka: Tatsumura Method Finger Yoga – introduction session

Tatsumura method finger yoga is developed by Osamu Tatsumura. Mr Tatsumura is a master teacher of Okido Yoga who studied directly from Masahiro Oki, the pioneer of Okido Yoga. After 30 years of his yoga experience he has established this method for the finger yoga which the introduction session offers.

Tatsumura method finger yoga is good for busy people who has no time for a proper yoga session or people with injuries who can't perform properly the poses, or indeed anybody who is keen on keeping their condition in a good shape. It is very easy and doesn't need a yoga mat. Through finger yoga one can get many benefits like relaxing, mental-body balancing, or even stretching effects just from working on your fingers and hands!

The session is lead by Tashi Iwaoka (JP/NL) who has been granted the official certificate of Tatsumura method finger yoga instructor.

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Introduction session at the Contemporary art space Kutomo, Studio 2
on Sunday 6 December 2015 at 12:00-13:45

Participation fee: voluntary donation

Registrations and inquiries: info.karada@gmail.com

NOTE: Please have you nails cut and also avoid having food from 1 hour before the session.

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Tashi Iwaoka is Amsterdam based artist who works as a director, dancer and performer in the performing arts field. His pieces have been seen around Europe and Japan. Iwaoka has studied f.ex. new dance, live art and fashion design in Amsterdam, Nottingham and Tokyo and he is a founding member of Ehkä-production. Lately his interest has been focused also on Budo practices.






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