13.11.2016 - 11:00
ESN Turku goes Pirates of the Baltic Sea 2016

Pirates. Monsters. Zombies. Demons. All of these and so much more can be found on the eleventh edition of Pirates of the Baltic Sea! Join us in swarming the great lands of Sweden with a cruise full of Zombie Pirates and return back home as a monster, straight from your own nightmares! We will pillage, we will plunder and we will conquer! Ten times so far, has the Pirates of the Baltic Sea provided some of the best memories and fun for students from all over the seven seas!

WHAT: The 11th edition of the Pirates of the Baltic Sea
WHERE: Turku - Helsinki - Stockholm - Helsinki - Turku
DEPARTURE: Turku Cathedral
WHEN: 13. - 15.11.2016
WHY: https://goo.gl/XikjK6 
PRICE: 97€


What is included?
- 2 nights onboard and 1 day in Stockholm, capital of Sweden
- 1 day in Helsinki, capital of Finland (For the Baltic passengers)
- Buffet dinner on the first night with large selection of Baltic foods and an open bar
- Stylish Pirates of the Baltic Sea T-shirt
- Accommodation in a shared cabin
- Fun program and party all night long!
- Bus transportation to Helsinki and back

For an additional price
- Breakfast with lots of variety: 11,50 € per morning
- Buffet dinner on Monday, same as for the first night: 38 €
- Guided bus tours of the city of Stockholm (2 and 3 hours). A compact sightseeing tour. Stockholm is spread across 14 islands and we will drive through many of them during our tour. On tour you can hear and experience the colourful history of Stockholm from Birger Jarl's time on the 13th century to this day. Vasa Museum and the City Hall are the most popular attractions of Stockholm and you will hear more about these during your tour!
Price 15€/2hours and 20€/3hours.
- Guided bus tours

So join us once more to take over sweden as Zombie Pirates! The 11th edition of the Pirates of the Baltic Sea is gonna be just as legendary as all the previous ones. The program consists of the traditional speed dating, karaoke, Dating Game, Pub Quiz and all the other classics that have made our cruise successful so far, plus some brand new, shiny new programme! All of this will be accompanied by the optional bus tours in Stockholm with professional tour guides, so you can enjoy the beautiful city as well.


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