11.12.2014 - 11:00
The Christmas FlashMob!

Ranskalainen vaihto-opiskelija Thomas sai idean Flash Mobista.

Nyt se tapahtuu, joulun kunniaksi, Turun keskustassa.

Facebookissa tapahtumaan osallistuu jo päälle 130 opiskelijaa.

Lue alta Thomaksen terveiset Flash Mobiin osallistumisesta kiinnostuneille!


A bit before Christmas, something special will happen in Sokos Wiklund : The Christmas FlashMob.
You can learn these dance steps in few minutes thanks this simple explanation :


The idea is we will do a journey of Santa Claus in Sokos!
We will do an introduction from 0.00 to 0.24, do not worry about that.
Your role start at 0.24 :
0.24 -> 0.32 : Santa Claus will be on the market place in front of Sokos (just before the crosswalk to go to Sokos) and all the dancers will be in the others side of the crosswalk (Sokos behind them) and these people will make grand gestures to encourage Santa Claus to come inside Sokos.
0.32 -> 0.45 : Santa Claus cross the road and get inside, he is following everybody. When he arrived, everybody take a position and is ready to dance. Santa Claus does not understand what is happening.
0.45 -> 1.10 : FlashMob dance, Santa Claus is surprising and does not move during the dance. He is shy and uncomfortable. He is only watching to the dancers.
1.10 -> 1.42 : Journey of Santa Claus in the shop, he is walking and he is heading to another place in Sokos. We will do a break in this moment and everybody from the first scene (Flashmob dance) will go to this other place to wait for him. During his journey, he will do something funny, forward roll, give some presents, taking selfie, he begins to be happy!!!!
1.42 -> 1.57 : We arrive on the other place. FlashMob dance again with everybody. Santa Claus is smiling and starts to move but he does not dance really.
1.57 -> 2.12 : Everybody deviates to do a circle, Santa Claus wills go in this circle and dance the Flashmob alone in the middle. He explodes in this moment!! People around him are jumping and becomes crazy (they can dance the FlashMob as well) because Santa Claus is moving/dancing like Michael Jackson!!

If you do not know the choreography, no worries you can participate anyway. We need people in the journey of santa claus, to do something funny with him and to show him the way to go, these people do not need to know the dance and they are still very useful for the successful of the video!!

EVERYBODY will have a Christmas hat for free (we will have around 100 hats, I think it is more than enough). Please if you can wear white and red clothes it will be perfect The company will borrow us some bigs flags and posters to hold it during the FlahsMob.

I will wait for you at 10.50am in the main entrance of Sokos Wiklund. Please be in time. We will finish the show around 11.30.

The program seems hard but actually he is not, it is gonna work like a charm. Anyway, I will be with you during the event and I will give you some instructions in live, sure we will share a good moment all together
‪#‎KeepTheSmile ‪#‎Christmas ‪#‎SokosWiklund

Surprises for the dancers and a pleasure moment to share all together.
This dance will take its place at 11am the 11th of december in the main entrance. Sokos Wiklund is located in the corner of the big market place (Eriksgatan 11, 20100 Åbo). Of course Christmas clothes are allowed!
Only couples of minutes to learn this dance, you can do it :-D

It is gonna be a cosy and familiar FlashMob! Sokos Wiklund will borrow some Christmas Hat, you can also wear Christmas Clothes (red, white...) if you want to be in perfect condition.

Bring your smile, friends and your good mood!
Kiitos-Merci-Thank you

Thomas from Innotaan.


Thomas Medard

Thomas Medard