15.10.2015 - 18:00
Boost Turku - Marketing Games, with Tuija Linden

Game development is currently considered one of the most competitive fields in IT. Let us help you navigate its murky waters.

With so many passionate developers and a global markets, the profit margins in this creative industry are tempting. And as risks in such hit-or-miss industry become apparent, we wanted to invite the best tell what it takes to make it.

Boost as a firm host and supporter of the local gaming scene, wanted to find out what the crux was, so we decided to invite the chief-in-editor of Pelit -magazine,

Tuija Linden,
with more than 30 years in gaming.

To speak about how small indie companies can stand out in such a crowded market.

The event has both presentation and discussion, so if you're a game developer, and have questions, don't miss your chance to ask Tuija.



Boost Turku

Boost Turku


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