25.09.2015 - 22:00
BNC3015: Invasion of the Roboys

Spaceship of Imagination & Börs Night Club proudly presents: 


Spaceship BNC3015 continues its galactic party voyage through time and space. BNC3015 launched itself in to space on Friday 13/03/3015 and now the story continues. In this second chapter of BNC3015 we will introduce you to the genetically enhanced robomutants ROBOYS and to our refurbished space night club.

Enjoy the adventure towards the unknown and the known, through hyperspace and undiscovered dimensions. Party through time and space continues 25/09/2015., Countdown has begun. 

Theme party: kitsch sci-fi / space / alien etc. use your imagination.

BNC3015: INVASION OF THE ROBOYS | Party created by Spaceship of Imagination & Rito Secreto

Börs Night Club | K20

Tickets: 8€ (door) | 50% discount for ESN students.
BNC3015 Commander Will Dragen
From 10am to 4pm

SPACESHIP OF IMAGINATION - A Space Time Nightclub Experience

"Spaceship of Imagination takes you to a journey through time, music and space. Starships are commanded by the Starfleet Commander Jace Headland or the captains of his fleet. Hekemonia (The Creator, Rito Secreto), will re-design your local nightclub to a spacecraft and take care of your comfort."


Rito Secreto & Spaceship of Imagination

Rito Secreto & Spaceship of Imagination


Börs Night Club